If You Write Fiction or Outsource It, Then You MUST Read This…         

Get Your Hands On 5 Premium Kindle “Done-For-You” Romance Fiction Plots That You Can Easily Outsource Or Use To Eliminate Writer's Block

All For LESS THAN a The Price of a Sit-Down Lunch

Let me ask you a few questions…

  • Are You Suffering From Writer's Block?
  • Do You Want To Provide Quality Content For Your Ghostwriters?
  • Would You Like To Tap Into The Largest And Most Profitable Kindle Genre?

If you said yes to any of those questions, then these 5 high-quality plots will definitely help you.  They are your answer to all of the situations above & more.

Dear Kindle Writers & Publishers,

If there was a way to easily eliminate writer’s block so that you could create tons of quality content for Kindle's  #1 fiction genre, how much would that benefit you?

The romance ficton plots I am making available to you today will do exactly that.

Each one has everything you need...character development, rising action, falling action, climax, setting, etc.

You can utilize them to tap into the most popular & profitable fiction genre of all time. Whether you hand these over to a ghostwriter or use them to write your own stories, it's a win, win!

Here Are The Problems Most Kindle Publishers Face…


  • Try to write but encounter big-time writer's block.
  • Tried outsourcing but did not get the quality content expected.
  • Tried publishing in other genres but none were very profitable.

These are very common concerns expressed by many Kindle publishers.  The fact is simply this: If your book lacks quality content, it will never make it on the market.  And, if you can't even get the book written in the first place, you will never be a successful Kindle writer or publisher.

Honestly, if you get just 1 of those 3 things wrong, you are screwed !


 Here’s Your Solution…

5 "Done-For-You" Kindle Romance Plots

With these 5 romance plots, all of those problems are now solved.

You can follow the complete ‘done-for-you’ plot outlines to get inspiration for your own stories, or hand them off to a ghostwriter to be developed into complete high-quality books.

With this plot set, one of your biggest Kindle roadblocks has been removed.

This is your solution for creating quality content in a highly profitable niche; content that readers will absoutely love!

In order to be successful and  profitable with Kindle publishing, you must provide   quality content.  Without it, you are destined to fail. That’s the honest truth. But, with these 5 romance plot outlines, your worries are over.

Romance is the most popular genre in the Kindle niche. It is an absolute gold mine, and you can easily tap into it with these plots.

Don’t believe me?

Fair enough… How about some proof?

Proof That These Methods Work:

First off, let’s just take a look at Amazon’s top 100 paid fiction books for Kindle.

2 out of the top 3 are romance books.



If you also take a look at the top 100 free fiction books, you’ll notice that this still holds true.

2 out of the top 3 here are also romance books.



Now let’s take a look at some real-life Kindle book sales statistics.

This next example is a series of 3 short romance books (about 10k words each) with an out-of-pocket investment of next to nothing.  Only free promotional tools were used.

This series of books generated 1,886 sales in just 4 weeks!

Every sale was at $2.99, so that equates to about $3,941.74 in pure profit from royalties!

If this doesn’t show the true potential of the romance genre, then I don’t know what will.


This really shows that romance is HOT right now.

It always has been, and I believe it always will be.

If these short romance stories generates 1,886 in sales, then just imagine what you could achieve with a little more effort.


What’s Inside These 5 Romance Fiction Plots:

  • Each plot is between 1,000 & 3,000 words long
  • Logline summary of each plot
  • Character development
  • Exposition
  • Rising action

  • Climax

  • Falling action
  • Resolution
  • Advice on how to get started with these plots

How This Solves Your Problems:

This  5 'Done-For-You' Romance Plot collection will really solve some of the biggest problems most Kindle writers and pulbishers face.

Here’s how it solves the main problems that I stated earlier…

Quality content - Absolutely necessary for long-term Kindle success.

 5 Star Reviews - Reviewers can be harsh.  Good books based upon quality content will increase the number of positive 5 star reviews .

Eliminate Writer's Block - No longer do you have to try and come up with great book ideas.  I've already done that work for you.  These 5 plot outlines will save you a ton of  time and effort.

More Choices- You can follow the plot outlines exactly as written or pick and choose what you want.


How This Can Help You…

These 5 romance plots can be tremendously useful.  Here are just a few of the potential uses:

Use Them To Inspire Yourself & Elminate Writer's Block

Select A Plot Outline And Turn It Into A Full Novel Or Novella

Give Them To Your Ghostwriter For Story Development

Create More Books Faster

And Much More...

 Just imagine how much money you could make with these 5 plots outlines, if you    released a book a week for the next 5 weeks?



  • Clear & Concise Outlines For Every Plot
  • Characters, Scene Settings And Entire Plotlines Included
  • Instant Delivery (anytime & anywhere)
  • 60 Day Moneyback Guarantee



  • Improve Content Quality
  • Publish More Books
  • Get More 5 Star Reviews
  • Eliminate Writer's Block
  • Create More Books Faster
  • Make More Money




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Book Formatting Software

Use this software to easily format your books & make them ready for Kindle                 publishing.




Here’s What You’ll Be Getting


I was originally going to charge $47 for this.

However, I wanted this to be a no-brainer.

I then considered $37, but I decided that I wanted this to to be an opportunity that everyone can easily afford to take action on.

That’s why I have decided to price this not at $47…

Not at $37…

Not even at $27…

But starting at just $17.

At that price, it’s a steal.

However, this is on a dime sale. That means that the price will be rising with every sale, so grab it now to get the lowest price possible.


Get instant access to these 5 ‘Done-For-You’ Romance Plots for just…

If you want to tap into the highly profitable Kindle romance genre, gain inspiration for your own stories or get the quality content that you expect from ghostwriters, then these 5 romance plots are just what you need.

Remember, the price is going up bit-by-bit with every sale & it’s not going back down. I suggest that you take action right now and get it at the lowest price possible.


If, for any reason. you are not happy with this product, Just send me an email with your purchase details and I will promptly refund your money. Your purchase is 100% risk free!




To Your Kindle Success,

Bernie Alexander


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